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Low Voltage Distribution

The provided Din Type LV HRC Fuse Base and Fuse Switches can be consolidated to make distribution systems having wanted number of electrical circuits. Because of the smaller plan, these are especially reasonable for distribution application in distribution boards, feeder pillars and service cabinets. The body is composed of glass fiber polyester on which the tin-plated fuse or spring stacked silver contacts are attached. Our Din Type LV HRC Fuse Base and Fuse Switches are secured with cover of protecting material for included safety from inadvertent contact. These are darted legitimately to the transport bars. However, the bases terminals are tin or plated copper. They generally comply with DIN 43623 standard. These are offered with vertical droppers for wire connection at base.
Our Distribution Boards and Feeder Pillars has over ip55 protection class. The structure is powder coated while it is floor mounted or flange connected. This additionally has removable covers and doors. It is complete modular in design. However, the doors possess removable lift off pivots with 130-180 opening point as well as are fitted with neoprene or epdm seals with a scope of locking system. The provided Distribution Boards and Feeder Pillars has a large wire entry room from the base through removable wire gland plates in which switch boards are provided in various mix of off-load isolators and circuit units as demanded by the client. Bus bars are of electrolytic copper that are supported on non-hygroscopic hylam or dmc that are inflexibly fixed on to the casing work.

The essential capacity of our Pole Mounted Fuse Switches is to secure and disengage a network amid flaws. This range is particularly intended for on-load switching. It provides a dependable mode for detachment and security of completely protected open cable network. In addition, the circuit switch is flexible and preferably appropriate for mounting legitimately to shafts, cross arms and transformers. Intended for complete load switching with disconnecting blades or Circuit links over evaluated current. The incorporated mounting facility and special plan of our Pole Mounted Fuse Switches permitting more than three switches to be introduced together to suit TPN, SP or TP system prerequisites. It is completely protected from weather, impact and corrosion. The glass fiber fortified polyamide compound with elevated glass content is reasonable for steady performance under antagonistic climatic conditions.
Robust, compact and made to the recent IEC and BS configuration, the provided LV Electrical Cutouts are perfect for attachment on posts for disconnection and protection of a low voltage on head network amid errors. The casing is composed of DMC pressure forming that has an elevated mechanical quality. In addition, the casing is fire-safe and gives fantastic all-round effect strength. This is perfect for external applications such as garden, parks, school parking and allied areas. It also has Copper tinned contacts that are intended to deliver a current of 100-400 Amperes. However, the DMC carrier of our LV Electrical Cutouts is fitted with wedge kind thumb screw driven contacts for HRC fuse wires. The terminals are attached to the primary body that gives clear availability for carrier withdrawal.
200A Din Type TP Bus Bar Distribution Unit are the most convenient solution to send heavy electrical signals to the electrical units from the main supply line for the uniform distribution of the power within the industrial and commercial buildings.

200A TP Load Centers are highly efficient electricity distribution units that are widely used in large commercial as well as industrial buildings. They are provided with a series of conductive branches for the efficient transfer of current. 

Wedge Type Fuse Carriers are the premium grade electrical devices that are designed and developed as per the industrial standards which make them highly efficient and reliable to use. These are widely used in heavy current installations to interrupt short circuits of more than 80kA.

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